New ibook (ebook-reader) @ MW

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I was pondering the release of the ibook again but this time as a small wi/fi enabled os-x-lite tablet-type device priced around $500. The new ibook would be released along with the announcement that itunes would now be selling ebooks.

Of course this device would so a lot more then just read ebooks since it would be able to connect to itv when its released, play music, movies, surf the net, and many other functions related to os-x apps.


just a thought...


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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member

    thanks for playing.
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    iriver just announced theirs.

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    Niiiiiccee. iRiver makes really good products most of the time, and that's no exception.
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    slewisslewis Posts: 2,080member
    I'm hoping the 6G will act as an eBook reader

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,686member
    Originally Posted by Slewis View Post

    I'm hoping the 6G will act as an eBook reader


    You're not the only one, then there's no excuse not to finish that book. Besides all parents everywhere would want one, cause they could tell their kids; "see, reading is cool!"
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    b3ns0nb3ns0n Posts: 95member
    That product would overlap with the forthcoming true video iPod so much that they're practically the same thing. So you may get your wish, but it won't be a dedicated ebook reader first-and-foremost, it'll be an iPod
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