SGI still around, Apple dead :)

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2007 and Apple is still around, SGI is dead. Funny how things work out. I found this old post in 1998 predicting the death of SGI then lots of rebuttals against that fact and of course predictions of apples death.

I wonder how many times companies predicted Apples death.

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In article <>;, wrote:

> Do you think you'll still be alive to see it? Who can predict the

> future? Of course youcannot see into the future.

> Jim McMorrow/Bree O'Mara wrote:

> > Hi All.

> > Does anyone think SGI will still be selling machines in 5 Years?

> > I can't see it myself.

> > Cheers

> > Jim

To whomever reads this,

I believe SGI will still be around in many years longer than even Apple

Computer. Their sales for the first half of 98 were around 120 million.

Considering Apple made only around 50 million, the proof is in the numbers.

The company has not downsized so the there is not an intimation of financial

problems. However I think that they could be doing even better if they

released PC platform computers yet the architecture of a PC is far inferior

to an SGI workstation. While PCs must use a separate PCI/ISA board to achieve

results such as graphics acceleration, these factors are all built into an

SGI workstation. I know that Sun computers is number one with SGI in third

but they are the de facto standard in high end computers. Please note that I

do not work for SGI nor own one.
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