Poor Video Playback under Bootcamp.

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I have a Black MacBook C2D with 2GB of ram however video playback is to say the least awfull under windows. Video is choppy and audio stutters frequently. I have no such issues under MacOS X when attempting to view the same content. Could this be a Bootcamp issue, driver issue or just a bad video card.

Also before anyone thinks it could be the lack of a standalone graphics chips I also own a Dell Inspiron 700m with an intel graphics adapter and only 1GB of ram and have no problems viewing video content.


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    smaxsmax Posts: 361member
    It sounds like a driver issue. Search for drivers directly from Intel for the video and from... Sigmatel? for the audio. It wouldn't hurt to have more up-to-date drivers anyway.

    What kind of video are you trying to watch anyway? If it isn't drivers, it might be bad codecs or just a bad video player. Try VLC.
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    i tried installing the intel drivers direct from intel and that did not solve the problem. haven't tried installing updated audio though. as for what type mostly diggnation and dl.tv both of which work and play just fine under macos, also happens when watching DVD's.
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    I updated the chipset with the newest drivers from intel and updated the video drivers. Video seems to be working pretty well. hopefully I will not have anymore issues. going to try a DVD now.
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