Is my monitor done for?

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i have a sony 19" CRT G420

a few days ago i started noticin what are light red/orange horizontal lines all across the screen and the color on the top menu bar was all messed up.

yesterday when i went to use the computer after a couple seconds where the screen looked fine and then it just blurred completely. i then tried switchin it on and off for a second but it would just blur after a few seconds of coming back on. checked the connections to the monitor and computer and everything was fine. its been like that all day today, right now it is workin perfectly fine and has been for a couple of hours, hasnt blurred.

just wonder if monitor has gone caput or maybe its the graphics card? id rather not have to buy another monitor since i love this one

the monitor is around 6 yrs old


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    6 years is great on a CRT monitor. The lines are part of the horizontal hold and have most likely wrapped around and are not staying compressed. It also sounds like sharpness control might be going. You can take it in if you know some place that still does CRT's and they will replace the POTs'. Hopefully that will solve your lines and bluriness problem but a 6 year old CRT is going to be near the end of its useful life. Colors will fad and then just fail. I would just keep the one you have till it gets too bad without taking it in. Then buy something new. It will be cheaper in the long run.
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    ptrashptrash Posts: 296member
    I had a similar Sony, so I know why you might want to keep it. One day I took my computer into a shop; I'd had a similar thing happen (wierd lines going in different directions, then a blank screen). this was a long time ago so I don't recall what the problem was, but it wasn't the monitor, or the main CPU (which is what they said)--it was dust from construction in our office. After I cleaned the inside of the Mac--a G4-everything was fine.

    I'd check all the easy--wires, connectors, etc- stuff before junking it.
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    yea its a great monitor, even today. i dont think any LCD is goin to be as good unless i spend $1000 which im not gonna do. im probably gonna have to get a new monitor....even if i take it in to repair i'll need somethin while its in the shop. it works sporadically .....few minutes ago it was blurred now its clear except for the lines.

    checked all the connections and cleaned up inside and still the same its probably just the monitor on its last days

    also i noticed CRTs seem to cost A LOT now, and most places dont even sell them. the LCDs dont have as high a resolution either
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    gdoggdog Posts: 224member
    i have a very nice 17 inch nec flat screen i will sell cheap like 200$ let me know. nec lcd 1765 i think
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