How share a directory to windows user ?

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Hello, thanks for reading this and helping me out,

I have a static ip adres, and i wan't a windows user to connect to a certain folder on my mac where he can read/write stuff in.. but only in a certain folder where i also have access to.

I was thinking about setting up an sftp server, but can i make sure he only has a view of one folder ? Also the usability for this windows user is low since i will need to use a special client to upload/download files.. i would rather have it as a network drive on the windows client (remote via internet)

Do you have any tips where i can go ? I have shell expierence and configurating linux programs is not a problem for me.. do i need to install samba for this ? Whatabout safety ? I guess that sucks bigtime then...



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    OS X sharing doesn't really let you specify just one folder to share but you may be able to alias a folder from your public folder inside your home directory. This should be shared automatically when you turn on file sharing. For Windows users, you turn on Windows file sharing in system prefs > sharing. I imagine they'd be able to connect just as though they were connecting to another PC.

    There's a program I found called sharepoints that lets you do it the OS 9 way with user and groups:
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