How to set multiple e-mail accounts in Entourage?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I have three email accounts I use (school,hotmail and gmail) and I would like to use Entourage to access these three accounts. I prefer to set 3 different accounts under Entourage by which I mean to have three different account folders (in the window that appears on the left) and keep different account activities seperately (to have 3 Inbx, Sent and special subfolders).

The problem I encountered is when I add the hotmail account the program allocates a designated seperates folder structure for that (with the Hotmail title) and creates Inbox, Junk Mail, Sent subfolders under that.

But when I add my school and gmail account, the program merges them under the default Inbox. And it also merges the Sent and Junk e-mail folders.

Does anyone know how I can create seperate folders for my school and gmail account under Entourage and route my email traffic to the related folders/subfolders?

Thanks in advance.
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