6g iPod mockups anyone?

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Given all of the technology introduced in the iPhone, I think we could come pretty close to what the next gen iPod would look like. i am thinking full touch screen with less rounded corners(compared to the iPhone). Basically the same iPod, full touch screen, and a little more curvy on the top side(just like the back is now). Thoughts and mockups welcome.


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    What I was thinking was that nowthe technology is here, how much does people expect the 6G ipod to have this kind of screen? After all, the current one is great as it is..
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    I said this in another thread last week, but can't find it. : I don't think Apple will introduce anything new other than a bigger screen to the iPod, and maybe touch your music feature. (but I'm doubting that until after iPhone comes out) They do not want to give the iPod many features from the iPhone because the features are the iPhone's big selling point, and they don't want to have another product competing against it.

    There is also the screen itself. We do not know how difficult it is to produce, and Apple will need to be stockpiling tons of these things because it will be selling like crazy fast, and they will need to be shipping continuously to all outlets for at least a few months. They may not be able to produce enough by June if they put a million of them in new iPods.
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    I doubt they will come out with an ipod with a touchscreen. They advertise the iPhone as a widescreen ipod already.
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    drnatdrnat Posts: 142member
    I think a true video iPod with 100GB HDD & the iPhone can happily coexist as they are doing different things. You will not put many movies on the iPhone or all your music as there will not be the space. I will definately get both of these if available.

    The iPhone may canabilise iPod nano sales more though....
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