Where's Final Cut Studio 6?

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Hi! For my company we're about to invest in video equipment and software. Final Cut Studio seems like a good package for movies.

However, Final Cut 5.x is out there for a long time, and I cannot find any information on the next version. Has Apple other priorities nowadays? We can wait a couple of months, but then we'll really need to have the software. Should I wait or should I buy?


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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    Wait for NAB.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,435member
    Originally Posted by Chucker View Post

    Wait for NAB.

    Thanks Chucker

    Yes PLEASE wait for NAB it's in April. Apple is likely going to have a huge update to Final Cut Studio. It's really been two years since the last major update. Last year they delivered suppor for a few new cams and codecs and added some small features but most of the work was making it a Universal Binary app.

    This year I'm expecting some big changes. They've acquired two new companies and they've pretty much announced that Shake is going to be replaced in 2008 with a new compositing app.

    You may have to buy early but if you wait as long as possible you may qualify for a free upgrade. It depends on if Apple is ready to ship in April or if they need a month or two.

    Apple's Pro apps have been undergoing a lot of change. I know I'm waiting for Logic Pro 8 to come out as well and that's been two years in the making. I expect that this year we're going to see the Pro apps take a nice leap forward. It's possible that while Leopard isn't going to be required these new apps may take best advantage of if when it comes.
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    cesarcesar Posts: 102member
    an update to Final Cut Studio is arround the corner. I think that update will rock the house! .... I hope for a new UI like Aperture
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    dacloodacloo Posts: 890member
    Ok that's cool! We'll wait then! Thanks.
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