Apple still holding all the cards on iPhone?

in iPhone edited January 2014
It just occurred to me that while both Apple and Cingular have announced entering into an exclusive multi year agreement in regards to the sale and service of Apple iPhones; are those deals really sealed? stamped, signed, notorized, and finalized? If they're not well then just wow. Obviously a very far fetched idea based on absolutely no factual information other than the idea itself.

However I couldn't help to think of what implications a tenuous or non finalized agreement on any level would have in favor of Apple inc.? It wouldn't be crazy to assume that at the very least, other carriers are poking around to find out what they would need to do to get that iPhone into their list of product offerings.

Even if Apple doesn't break off from the Cingular deal which is very unlikely at this point. I would hope that at the very least Apple manages to use some of it's weight to get Cingular to offer iPhone customers a service plan that includes data/voicmail/wi-fi etc in a package that's won't burn customers of 200+ dollars every month.
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