Apple Remote Desktop over a VPN?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Does Remote Desktop work over a VPN?

I am going to be able to VPN into my corporate network in NJ from home (via my cable modem in KC) soon, and come down a WAN into my LAN (using RSA security,Netlock VPN software, Nortel VPN switch, and Cisco routers.) I am wondering if Apple Remote Desktop will work in this environment (using TCP/IP), or if I need to be on the same subnet locally with the Mac clients I want to control...

If I could actually CONTROL and SEE my workstations from HOME, I will be so happy! If you work in IT and ever had to crawl outta bed at 2 AM in winter and DRIVE to work due to a bad backup script, funky system error, etc you would know how excited I am to be able to actually work from home and be productive! No more crappy ARA dial up servers, no modems, no long drives! :0)

If ARD won't work over VPN, what will?

I have Network Assistant 4.5 for OS 9, and I can't seem to "see" my local clients from the VPN connection, but I havent played with it too much yet...
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