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I am ready to buy a 17" Macbook Pro but am having difficulty deciding on a hard drive. I already know the following:

I am getting the 17" MBP 2.33 GHZ Core 2

I am upgrading to 3 GB's of RAM

However, I cannot decide on the 160 GB 5400 rpm drive vs the 100 GB 7200 rpm drive.

I am an educator, but I plan on branching out into web development and video editing, so I am concerned that I may need the speed associated with a faster rpm drive (especially in editing.)

Here are my questions...

1. Is the speed difference noticable?

2. Is it worth losing the 60 GB's of space?

(I already have a 160 GB external hd, so losing the space might not be an issue.)

Any thoughts or ideas you can give would be greatly appreciated!



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    Get the 7200 rpm drive. It is faster, and you won't miss the space since you also have the external drive.
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