Apple and AT&T

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I know discussion of the iPhone and the contract with Cingular are splashed all over several threads, but I would like to condense some of the talk of future networking to this thread.

Having watched football a lot this year, I have seen the commercial by AT&T of watching the same game using a TV, cellphone and broadband connected laptop with different camera angles and such. The idea is that AT&T can send you content many different ways.

As pedestrian as Cingular is as a company, I am wondering if Jobs is really after the AT&T labs and network backend. While watching the commercial I could easily see AppleTV, iPhone and MacBooks doing exactly what AT&T wants to do! All integrated by one company and with the best de facto standards in the business.

I know Cingular's slow GSM is a problem in places without broadband, but it does make sense to have the phone run on a stable, world-wide format and let the web communication take place on wireless broadband. By 2008 how many people will really need to look at websites via cellphone signals!?

Anyway is there anyone out there with more knowledge of the AT&T system for multimode, multi-user networking?
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