Can you use USB hub on Airport Wireless Base Station?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I am looking into getting the new Airport Wireless Base Station and like the idea of the USB port to plug in a USB printer or hard drive. I have a USB printer that I want to plug in but as well in the future I may plug in a USB drive that I may use as a data drive (documents for office, itunes media, etc. I may even use it as a backup to backup data from my two laptops. I know there's only one USB port but my question is can I use any type of USB hub on it to make it into 2 or more USB ports?

I like this new version a lot. I wish it had gigabit lan though but I've looked at many alternative routers. Some are very nice but I can't find the USB ports and as well I like Apple's products for the ease of use and set up.


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