in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Went to the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show). Starten at the Honda booth and noticed a few silver screens; didn't think anything of it. Next I salter on over to the Nissan booth and BOO-YAH 6 20" iMacs, and at least 4 23" Apple monitors. I check and they were running OSX! But that's just Nissan I thought. There won't be anymore macs. Boy was I wrong! At every booth I came to that had computer kiosk, they were macs. man it was awesome. I have never been to Macworld and nine years ago when I went to DisneyWorld Epcot had a section of iMacs but this was the largest contingent of macs I have ever seen. It was great. Oh, BTW, I did not hear the eww Macs I used to hear in 1997 that I used to hear when I walked past anyone using the machines.

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