Can I use Wi-Fi (Airport) and Gigabit LAN on Mac Pro at same time?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I am upgrading my main server computer in my house to a Mac Pro likely this summer. I know it has built in Gigabit Ethernet and I plan to as well add the Wi-Fi 'n' option. Also, in Feb. I plan to get the new 'n' version of the Airport Express Base Station. The only thing I don't like about this is it doesn't have the Gigabit Ethernet option. I thought of a possible workaround to have wi-fi 'n' in my house as well as gigabit for all wired computers. The reason this is important is I have 2 desktops other than the Mac Pro which are all gigabit LAN but yet I also have one, soon two MacBook Pro's as well as a Apple TV on the way.

My workaround would be to have the Mac Pro using Wi-Fi so of course tied into the Airport Express Base Station. As well, I would purchase a gigabit switch which would be hooked onto the gigabit LAN connector on the Mac Pro. I would then use that switch to run the wires to the other two desktops for gigabit LAN and would not use the LAN connectors at all on the Airport Express Base Station. The question, can I use both of these on the Mac Pro at the same time? Would this in a sense create a seamless network meaning that I could communicate (such as transferring files) from my MacBook Pro (over airport wi-fi) to a desktop that is connected via gigabit LAN?
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