Mac mini performance on streaming video

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
When the Apple TV was announced in Sept I was excited that Apple was going to be releasing a device that would be able to stream video. On Tuesday, I was turned off of the Apple TV because of its lack of ability to stream DivX media and absence of a DVD player.

I am now interested in getting a Mac mini (1.66 Ghz) to stream video, play DVDs and use as a PVR. What is the performance like for streaming video on the 802.11g interface on the Mac mini? Is is choppy for streaming video, especially Divx movies? How is DVD playing performance on it?

I know that I want a Mac mini for a media player, but I am wondering if I should buy now or wait until the 802.11n interface is adopted in the Mac mini since my MacPro has 802.11n already in place.


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