Major AppleWorks upgrade in the wings!

in Mac Software edited January 2014


Apple is preparing a significant upgrade to its AppleWorks productivity suite, sources said. Nearly three years have passed since AppleWorks 6 was introduced, and a new version has been an anxiously anticipated release for many Mac users.

While details are sparse, tipsters say that the update will show its face within the next 3-4 months, possibly at Macworld Expo/San Francisco in January. In recently weeks, some external testers have reportedly been seeded pre-release builds of the new version.

Full compatibility with Microsoft Office has been one of the update's key concerns, sources said. Additionally, Apple has tweaked the software's presentation and spreadsheet modes to bring them more on par with MS PowerPoint and Excel.

We're seeking further, more specific information on the new version, and are working to bring you full details. If you have any insight to offer, consider dropping us an email, or using our anonymous email form.

AppleWorks is an integrated application with easy-to-use word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software. With its roots in Apple's ClarisWorks software, AppleWorks has been a long-time member of Apple's software lineup and a popular one in homes and schools.

AppleWorks is included free with iMacs, iBooks, and eMacs, and priced at $79, it hasn't traditionally competed with the $499 Microsoft Office. However, Microsoft's new $199 offer for new Mac buyers could change that.


I know it doesn't say much, but ThinkSecret is fairly reliable


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