The quality of Apple's Customer Service

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Ok, I've gotta say, I've always been impressed with Apple's Customer Service, and that has just been reaffirmed (yet again)! I ordered a refurbished (remember that: it's important) MBP to replace my brand new Fujitsu TabletPC which I just sold over Christmas (thank goodness it's gone!) on the evening of the 9th (everything arrived on the 12th), and at the same time ordered a $70 power inverter for my car. Five minutes after placing the order, I looked at the order online and realized that the inverter would not (or most likely would not, anyway) work with my car (I had asked the sales rep for a car adapter, and thought that it was just a straight shot converter from 12v to MagSafe, rather than an inverter which requires the use of my ac adapter). So I called right back, and found out that they couldn't remove it from the order, as it was already being packed for shipment. So they told me they would email me some return labels, and that as soon as the inverter made it back to the warehouse, they would refund my credit card for the amount.

Well, I never got the return labels. So as I was calling tonight to check on the labels, I also checked my order status on the website. I discovered that the cost for the inverter had been reduced to $0.00. The change was reflected in both the order status window, and on my credit card (which I checked moments later). When I finally got through to a Customer Service guy, I found out that the whole thing had simply been gifted to me "for Customer Satisfaction," as he put it.

Through the entire process the wait time on the phone was almost non-existant (bout 5 minutes tonight, apparently due to heavy traffic and the nasty weather in Sacramento), and the staff whom I spoke with were very friendly (sorry, I'm that guy who has conversations with the phone jockey's while you all wait on hold. /me feels guilty.)

While other companies claim to have high quality CS, and some truly do do it pretty well, I've never seen any company better at it than Apple. From product designs that don't make you want to tear your eyeballs out and cram them down your own throat and choke and die, to their customer support, Apple's got it figured out.

I'm so glad I no longer have to put up with Windows. May I go the rest of my life without ever having to use another line of code from Microsoft.

My 6 year Sabbatical from the Mac is now finally over.

Just thought I'd share.

** oh, crap! I just realized my MBP has a built in dictionary! Why the hell can't MS think of something that damn simple?!
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