Speedit Kernel Extension

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I installed speedit.kext a while back to monitor my temperature and make sure my MBP wasn't running too hot. I've heard alot about it causing kernel panics lately and so I am wondering if I can remove it in any way? Because I don't know what a kernel panic is but I don't think I want one.


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    Kernal panic is a message that halt's your system, saying "you need to restart your computer"

    in a million languages. It's not alot of fun. To remove the extension, youll need to look in /System/Library/Extensions. PleasE!!! only remove the ones that you know were installed by third party products.
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    So I can just go in there and delete it? Nothing else to do? Thats the only one I would delete, I don't believe I have installed any others.
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    Should be fine =)
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