No Audio - 17" Powerbook G4

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I have lost all audio on a Powerbook. The laptop works fine other than lack of audio. No audio out, no audio in via integrated sound.

Bluetooth audio works fine however watching a movie with the audio piped through an earbud is not recommended.

I recall seeing a post long ago describing this problem and one suggestion was to reset the Power Management setting via <Shift><Ctl><Option><Power> while the system is powered off. I have performed this with no visible results. Is there any indication of a successful reset of the power manager or does one just take it on faith it was reset?

I do not have any activity on the small white LED on the latch release button, it is always dark. I thought this may have some relation to the power management reset but it was dark before and remains dark afterwards.

Thank you in advance for any help!



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    Does that powerbook have a digital audio port? Is there a red ring lit up around it?
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    Originally Posted by manyourisms View Post

    Does that powerbook have a digital audio port? Is there a red ring lit up around it?

    I believe it has the combined 'Analog Line In/Out & Optical Digital Audio In/Out' port on the side, the symbol is a hollow circle with two dark triangles pointing in at 3 and 9 o'clock. It looks identical to the audio out plug which is a half inch away. Does the red ring actually illuminate or is it a press in plasitic red ring?

    I do not know if digital audio in/out works as I do not have the proper cables.

    'About This Mac' lists the following for audio:

    Built In Sound Card:

    CODECtTexas Instruments TAS3004

    Sample Ratet44.1 KHz

    Number of Inputst2

    Number of Outputst2



    TypetLine Level Input


    TypetInternal Microphone




    TypetInternal Speaker

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    Took the Powerbook apart, a rectangular connector atop the audio card had come unplugged.

    After a year of silence my Powerbook sings again.

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    I know the problem well, it whas discussed on a german macforum. Well first the explaination:

    Apple know this problem well!

    There where you put the headphones is the problem, sometimes is not makeing click inside to change from headphone to internal audio. This problem especially happens when you put the stick inside the place for headphones.

    Sollution: put u finger directly up to the place where you put the headphones and push a little hard, dont panic easy. then put the headphones inside and force driveing but easy, not to destroy just drive a while and then be fast and move out the stick and you will get audio back.

    Better solution is to put inside the place for the headphones a miniscrewdriver, put batery out and no current please. There is inside something does not move properly, with the screw you will move it easy and then the sound will work again.

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