The Hit kit

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i am having trouble using the microphone for the hit kit and i was wondering if anyone knew how to activate the microphone iam running out of time and patience so please help me with this confusing hardware


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    Never tried it myself, but found this link for you.
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    Sorry, I see now. It is Logic with a mic in a kit.

    Have you checked your audio input?

    With the mic plugged in, go to System Preferences (in your Dock or Applications Folder) and click on Sound. Click Input and make sure the mic is selected.
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    leonardleonard Posts: 528member
    Let me guess, you have the mic directly plugged into the audio line in port on your Mac?

    Not gonna work if that's what you did. A Mic is not a line level input. You need a USB Mic or a iMic from Griffin.
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    I use a USB mic and yes, it is directly plugged into the USB port. It works great BTW. I figured the included mic was the same. This has been my set up for a while so I jsut assumed...

    If it is a egular mic you need the iMac or something.
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