Seems like Apple is really blowing it these days

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    Yes, according to that author (who gets quite a few things wrong in his analysis).

    The most annoying, to me, was his supposition at the end of the article that the iPhone was released early to counter the possible Cisco & LG interference. What he failed to grasp was that had Apple released the iPhone to the FCC for testing the information would be available on the FCC online database. That doesn't allow for one of Steve's hyperbolic Keynote speeches.
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    basically I agree with the mod, this guy's a human being writer who makes mistakes, doesnt check deeply into facts like most of us. but the iphone isnt a groundbreaking tool either unless youre in your teens or 20's. I doubt I would rarely see a person in their 30's-60's watching tv or surfing the net on their phone, its bad enough most of us have to use reading glasses to read than having to watch tv on a small screen. The quad core chip, now there's a breakthrough in technology.
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