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Hey guys, i'm new around here, though i've been hawking around for some time since macworld.

I just ordered a 2 ghz CD macbook from macmall. (it was on closout, originally $1,300, i got it for $999) I've been looking around at some of the issues with the random shut downs. I'm not too concerned, as i have a mac mini which i've had for over a year, and hasn't let me down ever. I just want to know if this is actually quite a common happening with them. People tend to complain more about things than talk about how great they are. And as far as i have read, the SMC update will fix it, right?

I'm just trying to get stories straight here.




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    smaxsmax Posts: 360member
    No shutdowns since the update on my roommate's computer. I'd say you're good in that department.
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    thanks. i'm typing this on it right now!

    nothing has happened at all. everything is blazing fast, and i even left it on to go eat, so i have a good feeling everything's in working order. thanks.

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    sunilramansunilraman Posts: 8,133member
    My MacBook Core Duo has no shutdown problems, and the keyboard rest discoloration issue and battery was replaced by previous owner. It is 9 months old, I picked it up a few weeks ago, good price on eBay for a 2gb MacBook I could pick up in my city.

    The fan is very loud though when it spins up when the CPU goes past 60degC and maxes out very loudly at 85degC with both cores loaded 80% or so (eg. when encoding via FFMpegX Mencoder H.264).

    I'm getting it checked out tomorrow, otherwise, the MacBook Core(1)Duo is sweet. 1 dead pixel and 2 small "white-ish" spots on the screen, which I don't really notice unless I'm looking closely, but I'll let the Service centre have a look and see what they say. They may not replace the screen, but I think they might replace the fan and/or heatsink.
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