my iPhone feature wish = "ringmaster"

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I imagine a program called Apple Ringmaster where you could schedule your phone to change from silent to vibrate or ring at set times. You would simply add an entry for each time you want a setting to take effect. Choosing vibe, silent, neither, or both would require a single tap to toggle each behavior on or off.

Viewing your Ringmaster schedule could be done in three modes: today/week/routines. In "routines" you can establish repeating schedules to apply to your choice of days in the week. Week mode would have horizontal and vertical displays with magical iPhone flick-scrolling as needed. "Today" mode would be the default and would include a quick "override" setting if needed.

To add an event, drag the "+" sign. It will become an "insert here" symbol, and you can position it in the schedule where your new event belongs. Adding an event in the middle of a routine would prompt a confirmation to "break from routine?".

Removing an event: As you drag it, the "+" becomes a trash. Place it in the trash, and boom, it's gone. It's that simple.

Here's a sketch of the various screens:


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    So basically, iCal events that change the ringtone profile? That should be easy to do within iCal.
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