Scripting the iTunes Library

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Can someone tell me how the iTunes library works, and how to access it from some scripting language? For example, what's the difference between the extensionless "iTunes Library" file and the xml "iTunes Music Library.xml" file?

If I alter the tags in the xml file will that actually change the library in iTunes? I can't open "iTunes Library" in a text editor, it's just gibberish. Is that file important?

If you want to know, I'm try to make a sort of "batch update" script. When I import, say, all 10 seasons of South Park they get imported under "Movies," and there is no way to move the whole group to "TV Shows," I have to manually change EVERY EPISODE which totally sucks.

Oh, and I don't need any help programming, I know my way around scripting languages. I just don't know how iTunes stores it's information, and what info needs to be changed or not changed.

Thanks for your help!
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