SNES/NES Clone - FC Twin

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Has anyone on this board ever used one of these:

My SNES is shot, I was thinking of picking one of these up. Anyone with experience positive or negative?




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    Why not use an emulator? If you own the SNES games and SNES, it's legal for you to own the Roms too. That way, you don't have to switch from your computer to play games and you can set freeze points at any point in the game. I believe you get adaptors for the control pad too:

    but I don't know if they work on the Mac. The Playstation2 adaptor does.
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    SNES9X is a very good emulator for SNES. SNES emulates pretty well, but NES is a crapshoot. The 8bit NES is more of a hardware product than a computer product (hardware+software) so in order to run it perfectly on a PC you need 1GHz or possibly more. It's possible that this product uses an FPGA to implement NES, which is a project I've been thinking about doing, but I'd bet that it doesn't run NES too well. It probably runs SNES fine, though.

    For the record, SNES is basically an Apple IIGS
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