Error -36 problem w/ iMac G5 and LaCie External Drives

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I'm running a G5 iMac 2ghz with 2 gigs of RAM and I have three external Lacie Drives, all Big Disk Extreme triple interface, and all are less than 1 year old. I have a 1TB, and two 500GB drives.

When trying to copy data FROM the external drive to my iMac I get an error message: Finder could not complete this operation beacause some data could not be read or written. (Error Code -36).

The drives are not going through a server, they are directly connected via firewire. I use my 1TB drive as a backup for both 500s and my internal.

I'm freaking out because I can't even burn to DVD or CD to back stuff up, and I can't even open the files.

Can anyone please help?




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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Finder sees the drives, right?

    DId you try disconnecting two of them?

    Moving to Genius Bar...
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,873moderator
    Does it give you this error on all three of the interfaces with all of the drives? If it is only bad on say firewire and not USB, it may just be the cable at fault. I'd say it's highly unlikely that these drives have all failed.
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    works with USB and also if I use them individually without daisy-chaining. may be a faulty firewire on the drive.

    thanks. I can stop taking valium now ;-)
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