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first time mac user here... just wanted to know, if i capture video clips in iMOVIE, will i be able to use these clips in Final Cut Express (for editing)? or if i capture video clips in Final Cut Express, will i be able to use these clips in iMOVIE (for editing)?

assistance appreciated...


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    cubs23cubs23 Posts: 324member
    yes, and yes... it would be easier to probably capture them in final cut express, then import them into iMovie; however, I would just use FCE, it is so much more robust, and even if you don't want it to be, it is still fairly easy.

    You can import into FCE from iMovie, but iMovie captures all the video within the iMovie icon project to get to the actual video, you have to right click on the iMovie project icon and go to "show package contents", then from there you might have to dig a little, but that is where the actual video is stored...then you will have to pull the video out I think because FCE won't recognize the video from just the iMovie file. You can try and import the iMovie project file and see if that works, I think it might. Best of luck....also, if you were interested, I picked up the down and dirty super-easy to understand guide to FCE, and it really helped me with everything.
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