Power Point Viewer For Macintosh

in Mac Software edited January 2014
What is the most recent version? Where available? Is there an OS X version? Any info appreciated.


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    OK if anyone is interested the most recent is 98 it sucks,Power Point sucks
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    jbljbl Posts: 555member
    Yes PowerPoint sucks. Unfortunately big organizations are addicted to it. Here we have to send proposals and reports in PowerPoint format so that the bigwigs can steal the slides when they give their PowerPoint presentations to even biggerwigs. From reading Dilbert I don't think it is just us.
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    jdbonjdbon Posts: 109member
    The only way in OS X to view ppt files is through Office X. Microsoft's proprietary file formats are the reason Office is the standard in business. i hope that the next version of Apple Works includes the ability to read/create Office files (word,excel,ppt etc.) All we need is the stupid format, Apple could create a much better GUI and it would be included with every Mac.
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