Games optimized for OS X?

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Just got my new DP 867 with a Viewsonic 19" Flat panel!!

So are the new games like Medal of Honor and Warcraft III optimized for OS X or do they install in OS 9.


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    Well, Medal of Honor will install on OS X no problem, but I certainly wouldn't call it optimized. OS X cuts performance of that game in half on my machine. That is the extreme as far as I know. Supposedly Return to Castle Wolfenstein performs really well in X. I think all the good games being released nowadays have native OS X support. It is just that some of them aren't really optimized for OS X, so you have to play them at 800x600 with everything off instead of 1024x768 with everything on.
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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    I just finished Fallout 2, which is OS X only (because Omni did the port). Given that it's not exactly fast on my TiBook 800, I feel sorry for people who played it in 1998.
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    rtcw works fine as does warcraft III

    mohaa sucks prolly due to the fact theres gfx tearing when played on a ti800 (or maybe my settings were too high)

    for mohaa stick to a pc plays better

    the above 2 & fallout2 will run fine on a ti

    or any other mac

    (nb the ti gets hot as hell when the gfx card

    is being taxed so a desktop might be a better option)

    alice is another great game i played on a pc

    i believe its out for os x & worth checking out

    other than that the state of os x gaming is

    pathetic so play whats available & keep a pc

    handy for the rest

    btw doesnt anyone have any smearing issues

    when playing games on a lcd ?

    ive seen this happen on my dell laptop...not

    sure if apple's lcd have the same effect
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    forgot to add civ III & aoe II

    both of which are excellent games

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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    Unreal Tournement plus the OSx3 add on realy works great.

    But, I was able to get online when I first loaded it up but haven't been able to since.

    Its much faster than UT was in OS 9.1 . . . much much faster . . almost too fast. ANd the rockets sound great!
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    airslufairsluf Posts: 1,861member
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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    pfflam: you must be kidding. UT OSXb3 is FAR from being good. Half the damn functions font work!!! And it is NOT faster than the OS9 version.

    OSX only game that I thought was HILLARIOUS was Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Done by Omni too.

    UrbanTerror mod for Quake 3 is my current poison. <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>
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