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Need some help from more experienced Apple users than I (i.e. everyone).

I just got my first Apple, an ibook, the other week, and installed Jaguar. Then today I decided to rename my hard-drive icon. Didn't cause any problems until I shut down. Upon restarting, all of my preferences were gone, and most importantly, my address book and Mail content were missing.

I hope/think there is a simple solution to this, but I am still figuring out Apples, and am lost. I want very much to be a happy "switcher" and here is your chance to ensure that!

Any clues on how to restore my computer preferences and Address Book and Mail content? Renaming the hard-drive to the original name and restarting had no effect.

Thank you very much


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    Oh ow.

    Are you sure renamed it *exactly* what it was before?

    (And, as a friendly bit of advice, you're more likely to get a timely and full response in the Genius Bar... )
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    where have you re-named it??? i change the name of my hard drive about every other day and no problems so far.....hopefully Brad will show up soon and give a proper response to this....g



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    from you thread at GB: [quote] Here is where I renamed it: after opening the dektop icon for the hard-drive, I went into the 'users' folder, and renamed the icon with the little home symbol. <hr></blockquote>

    ??how did you do this...didn't even know you could change the name there....why didn't you just change the name like you do a file or folder?? it's the same as with PC computers....click on the name once and it is highlighted...then just type the new name....as for changing the home in the user.....sorry, gonna need smarter people than i...luckily there are many here....good luck....g
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