Anyone up for a more consumer iPhone?

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I'm a student with very basic and limited cell phone needs. My number one criteria when determining a phone to purchase is size. The iPhone isn't exactly a "leave in your pocket all day and not know its there" kind of phone. I'm looking for a more "chocolate" sized consumer, entry level cell, that maybe includes that touch sensitive bezel Apple patented so many times...

I also feel like Apple will be able to pick up a much larger slice of the cell phone market with cheap, more basic (yet sexy) consumer phones.

Unless the iPhone shrinks a couple of sizes, there ain't NO way I'm buying one...

Anyone else feel the same?


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    That's what I'm waiting for. The whole data plan thing isn't for me. Give me 250 anytime minutes, free evenings/weekends (after 6pm), voice mail, and 10 free texts a month for under $40, and I'm happy.
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    Yes, I'd agree with a 'good, better, best' strategy for iPhone... they'll do it soon enough.
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    It's hard to imagine that they would release a phone without the other functions, but who knows, they did release an iPod Shuffle. After 3 years.
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