Using Regular Headphones on iPhone?

in iPhone edited January 2014
I'm well aware this may be nearly an impossible question for anyone to answer as the unreleased product hasn't been in the hands of many yet.

I'm an audiophile of the sorts and probably won't want to use the standard Apple iPhone headphone/mic. so, I'm curious to know what happens when consumers start trying to plug in, for example, Bose headphones to the iPhone?

During phone calls will we hear the audio through the headphones and still be able to speak through the iPhone built in microphone? Or does plugging in a standard 3.5 stereo headjack disable the iPhone built in microphone and attempts to use line microphone. In this case none would exist as they are Bose or Harmon K. headphones with no mic.

I'm obviously not asking for a definitive answer here, unless of course someone here has one . Maybe someone familiar with other devices that work in a similar fashion might have insight into how those products deal with plugging in reg. headphones into a cellphone?


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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    I would think so
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    willrobwillrob Posts: 203member
    You could certainly use them to listen to music, but when the phone rings you may need to unplug them to talk. The iPhones own earphones have a switch which turn on the microphones built into the earbuds. Rather than also pick up ambient noise, I suspect the phones built in mic would be disabled. Also so as to not pick up a doubling of your voice, like an echo effect.
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