iPhoto with FW HD

in Mac Software edited January 2014
My parents are using an old iMac G4 700mhz for iPhoto, and they've imported so many photos over the years that their HD is just about full.

They wouldnt be able to know what to do if something messed up, so I'm wondering how reliable would it be if i put their iPhoto library on a portable Hard Drive and have iPhoto run it from there? Can iPhoto do this? Or is this not recommended? (Will they see error message after error message?)


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    I do this and it works just fine. You can get some help here: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.h...en/hlp144.html. Just select the external drive when it says to tell it where to store your photos. A little known feature of iPhoto is its ability to support several libraries. You can hold down the Cmd key(I think that's the one -- not at the mac right now) when starting iPhoto and you will get the prompt to choose which library you want to open, or do you want to make a new one. Very helpful to break down many photos into several libraries for organization.

    Good luck!
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