Hello all, I'm new here

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Hi all

I just joined this forum to 'snoop'. My purpose is to get a feel for how real Mac users like and use the product. I have a Windows box and I've had a computer in my home since 1985. I have never owned a Mac, but my next PC will be a Mac (they are a PC aren't they? ). I am not likely to buy one for at least a year yet, likely two, but I have definitely had it with PC's. I have built the last three I've owned myself, and it isn't the hardware that's the problem, it's the OS. I have also owned IBM's, and Dells as well.

I am tired of installing and updating antivirus software, disk defraggers, registry checkers, diagnostic utilities, etc., etc... ad infinitum.

Anyway, I'll likely be posting dumb newbie questions from time to time, because I believe in doing my research before I spend my money.

Cheers all.

Rich 8)


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    The way you worded that opening post, I'm guess you'll get a few peeps that will say welcome, me included, welcome!

    Originally Posted by RichardI View Post

    I am tired of installing and updating antivirus software, disk defraggers, registry checkers, diagnostic utilities, etc., etc...

    This is exactly what I was saying to myself before I switched.

    What do you want to know?

    I'm guessing you're wonedering a few of the usual things;

    Do Mac's really not get viruses = yes, they don't.

    Are Mac's invincible = No, but thus far it has appeared that way.

    Is the reason Mac's have no viruses because the Mac market share is small = No, the reason is the way the OS is built, UNIX, permissions etc. It only takes one guy to write the right virus, and they have been trying, it's a lot more difficult regardless of market share. OS X is just a more secure OS. Also Apple doesn't set an patch day every month, they fix a patch as soon as they have the answer, which is normally very quickly. And they are patching weaknesses, not holes if you get me. And not resting with that, Apple is working with Google to tag certain sites as potentially dangerous for Safari in Leopard etc. Not that there is a need for this, but that doesn't stop them. They always try to stay one step ahead. Leopard is going to blow this whole market share thing wide open, there's some stuff coming. It's going to make Vista look primitive. Just look at the iPhone, and that's a little phone, we're talking about full blown conputers. The reason the iPhone can do such elaborate effetcs and transitions is Core Animation, that allows great magic looking effects to happen with very few lines of code, resulting in very light non-bloated OS, and that's coming in Leopard, along with Resolution Independence. When you see Leoaprd which as well as all the new features it's meant to have a full GUI overhaul, you'll want a Mac right there and then, I'm sure of it!
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    Not to be harsh, but you haven't really given us a direction to work in. Why don't you peruse the threads:






    There are many more, so use the Search function. There is a lot of stuff. Read up, then pop some more questions. We luv talking Mac!
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    That was very harsh.
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    Thanks all. Not too harsh at all BM, in fact thanks for pointing me to those.

    I have ordered a book from Amazon on the OS for Macs (Tiger, at the moment) so I'll start my research by reading that. That sould be useful. I will try to post any specific questions in the appropriate forums, I was just saying hello.

    Thanks again,

    Rich 8)
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