Partitioning software

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi everyone,

I just got iPartition, wich is a great program, I runned it and it showed me that my HD had a small partition with no file system attached (named "empty"). I never created this partition, it's weird, I don't know where it appeared from. Anyway I runned bootcamp to install windows XP and when I tryed to partition the disk an error occured stating that i had to make backup of all my files, format my disk, turn it in to a single volume (mac os extended) and install os x again. Only then would bootcamp be able to partition my disk for windows :O

I can't use ipartition because it doesn't permit making changes in the disk where the operating system is running from, I don't know what to do to make that empty partition merge with the mac os partition without having to backup, erase, install etc.. all that crap :S Does anyone know a partitioning program that can make it ? or any other solution to my problem would be welcome...


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