Anyone using acquisiton?? can anyone help me with something

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I have been using acquisiton for a while now. my main problem is the speed of my downloads. I have never ha da problem getting stuff but it takes ages but I have found out that is due to my internet provider more than the program.

But while I have been mucking around trying to forward port and open thing sup to speed it up a little I think I have done something to my acquisition program......

all of sudden when I run a search on acquisiton it can no longer find is very strange...

I type in a title into the search bar..hit return and in the past it would find hundreds of potential files now it seems to be unable to find anything I search for at all....

Does anyone have any idea why that would be?

Thanks very much


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    bevosbevos Posts: 59member
    Acquisition use port 6346 and 6881 for both TCP/UDP. You likly got NAT firewall running blocking ports o or IP Port forwarding mapping going else where.

    Acquisition is peer to peer so speed is depend on the other persons speed and how busy they are. Acquisition does the best it can by using multiply sources and other technics.

    Remember to respect copyright. ISP can easily track peer to peer usage and many slow them down.
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