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How can i transfer VHS tapes to mac for editing, then make a DVD?


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    Originally Posted by jak View Post

    How can i transfer VHS tapes to mac for editing, then make a DVD?

    You need something like InterView USB 2 that will act as a transfer device from you VHS deck to the Computer. That will run a little over $200 or you could go with Canopus and their devices will run about $300 and up. I use the InterView USB 2 device because I've had one for a few years! It works and I rarely use it these days but it comes in handy . I think canopus has more connections however so take a look at theirs!
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    There's also the Elgato eyetv250:


    Since I have a standalone DVD recorder, I've used it for recording VHS tapes before. These are pretty cheap these days. I just insert a DVD-R, plug the VCR into the back and record. It goes straight to DVD. If I need to edit it, I take the DVD and use MPEG Streamclip for chopping up segments or I can import it into DV for other editing.

    One thing about the DVD recorder and eyetv is that they are more than just capture devices so once you finish capturing, you still have something useful that can record your TV shows.
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