few very stupid questions

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I have G3 with Mac OS 8.6 on it.I dont know anything about macintosh, and i need help with connecting to the internet.

so, the first question is where is dialler???

2. Is there a built in modem in G3?

3.I need a browser and IM client(ICQ) for mac os 8.6. need your advice(which is best?)


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    bevosbevos Posts: 59member
    Some G3 had modems some didn't, check on the back for phone icon. Best get boardband, ADSL, all G3 had ethernet. Most ISP give free modems with contracts.

    If it did have modem, then choose modem (set type of modem) and internet (user name and password) in the control panel (logical)

    TCP/IP control panel set automatically from most IPS about some time you have to manually setup.

    8.6 days there was Internet Explorer and Netscape

    and a away you go.
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