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I know about WireTap Pro and Audio Hijack both of which let you capture and save audio files being played on the Mac--especially those that were never intended to be captured and saved (internet radio, DVD movie audio, streaming media files, etc), but is there a utility that will allow me to capture both the audio AND video & save them (in QuickTime perhaps) for later viewing?

In particular, I have some RealPlayer streaming media that I want to capture. Watching it in RealPlayer is fine when I?m online but if I ever close the file or my Internet connection is interrupted or ends, the streaming media file are gone.

WireTapPro is great for audio but is there a utility that can capture audio AND video?


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    I know this will work for youtube and googlevideo. I guess i might work for other video services too... I presume you are on a Mac, so you open the page with the video in Safari. Then go to Window->Activity(or something, I'm on a norwegian mac ). A list with all open tabs will open. Browse down till you see the page you want to download the video from. A list of files from this site will be shown in a drop-down list. You will probably see that one of the files is larger than the others. Double-click this file and you will download the video file. It will be in the .flv format, or even maybe withour a file extension. rename the file "something".flv. Download iSquint from the link below and open the .flv file there. iSquint allows you to convert the file to mp4... I hope this can help you! I can post some pictures if you would like
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    Thanks for the reply. As it turns out, I found the application I needed just after I posted my question. It's called Snapz Pro X and it works great. I used it yesterday to do exactly what I wanted. This program can capture full motion video of anything on your screen complete with digital audio and an optional microphone voiceover. It even comes with a free trial period. Go here... scroll down and download it.

    or read about it here
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    Thanks, i'll look into it
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