Advice on using a MacMini for a continuously-running Keynote presention

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I have volunteered (!) to create a continuously-playing Keynote presentation t in the doctor's lounge of the hospital where I work. The purpose of the show will be to present in a graphical (and hopefully attention-grabbing) manner tidbits (bullet-points) of useful information. This will have to be fairly regularly (probably weekly) updated.

My plan is to use a Mac Mini to run the presentation, attached to an LCD television (probably a 37 or 42" LCD), via DVI output.

I am hoping this hardware set-up will work. Our hospital is, obviously, a Windows workplace, so I will be largely supporting this endeavor on my own, since our IT folks are Mac-ignorant.

In addition to my proposed hardware configuration, I would welcome any comments on my options for the easiest way for me to periodically update the Keynote presentation.

Obviously, I can update the show, load the file on a flash drive, and plug it into the MacMini and install it that way.

I'm curious if there would be any way to update the show wirelessly from my MacBook or via an Ethernet connection to the hospital's Novell Network.

Damnit, Jim, I'm a doctor not an IT guy, so I'm fairly clueless about cross-platform networking.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    I know mini's can be connected to 42" TV via DVI, search Google for more info on that, or proof etc, I'm 95% sure it can be done. In terms of updating your presentation; (presumably you have a Mac at home) why don't you make the presentation updates at home, burn it to a CD, and then when you get in to your little mini you can slip in the CD, and update the presentation. Of that I can think of that's probably the most straight forward way. Someone else might be able to assist you on that with another more convenient way. You're a doctor? I think doctors are incredible people. Good luck with the Mac mini situation there.
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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 525member
    You could use VNC to connect to the computer wirelessly and update that way. VNC can be enabled in Tiger's System Preferences under Sharing, then click on Apple Remote Desktop from the list, click Access Privileges and in the resulting box click the "VNC Viewers..." option (add a password). Use a VNC client such as Chicken of the VNC to connect and you're good to go - this is all free.

    You could also use Apple Remote Desktop which can do all this and transfer files but it's not free.
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