RAM prices on apple.com, what's up?

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Has anyone noticed the prices at apple.com? Is this an error or have prices dropped ridiculously low!

Can someone check this out. I'm talking about RAM only purchases, without a CPU.


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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    You can do better at ramseeker.
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    Originally Posted by kcmac View Post

    You can do better at ramseeker.

    Thanks. But I was refering to an error (which was corrected today it seems)

    All RAM prices were at around 50% off their usual yesterday but have since reverted back

    to normal. I checked the Memory section of the AppleStore online several times to see if

    I was dreaming and also asked a friend to verify (he concurred), oh well, back to the high

    prices we are used to. I guess it was just a technical glitch?
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