RAM upgrades and Applecare

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My girlfriend has the base macbook (1.83Ghz Core2Duo, 512Mb Ram). She uses it mostly for college work, i.e. Microsoft Office. She says it is pretty slow when she is running Word and wants to open a new Safari page or something. Not too bad, but she says it is slower than her 2 year old Windows laptop!

I've read that Rosetta apps use a lot of RAM and really need 1Gb to work proper. The trouble is, she has an Applecare warranty on it tht her parents bought with the laptop, and I wanted to know if upgrading the RAM at home will void the warranty? Over here in the UK a 1Gb stick costs about £120 off the Apple store, but you can get a Samsung stick for about half that elsewhere.

Plan B is to upgrade the RAM in my black Core2Duo myself, and then ask Apple to put the two 512 sticks from my MacBook into hers. Anyoen know if they would be happy to do that in an Apple store?

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    Upping the ram won't void applecare, apple idenfies it as user replaceable.

    My gf has the same macbook and I upped her ram to 1gb no problem and no she uses word and all kinds of other stuff together with no problems, it makes it a lot faster.

    One thing though, if you ever send it in for service repairs take the ram out or else you may get it back without it in it since the ram is not in apple's records.
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