Difficult decision reg Mac, new mac and ppc's

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Hi I purchased a refurbished macbook 15" a year and half ago. I am quite content with it, though at the time of purchase I was informed that the new intel mac's would be arriving some 3 mths later. The dilemna is this. So much is pc but not mac compatible. I have limited use with a mp3 product by iriver due to the low-compatibility. Now its a ppc I purchased. I purchased the ppc cingular 8525 because its wifi and there is a program qpuncture that I wanted to have for school and practice (acupuncture). The palm version would work on the treo 650 and 680 but they have horrible ratings for battery and their not wifi either. For the price of the 680 which is mac compatible I can get the 8525 on ebay, which I will do if my dilemna is cleared and return the cingular store purchased one. so far one day in with the ppc and issues of compatibility. I purchased missingsync so i coould use both mac and ppc, the ultimate intent to download and install the qpuncture software demo and try it out. Not happening, apparently the way pc files are configured renders them not usable for mac systems download, something missingsync doesn't note (i didn't see it) prior to purchase. In reading missingsync instructions, I'm advised to purchase filejuicer or cabextract, to open the files and install. Did that and nothing still works.

So I'm back to square one, with possible solutions being, get a new mac with intel (thus windows) so I can use my windows items (mp3, ppc, plus games I like but haven't played in years), get a treo (cingular is my carrier) 680 and suffer through a reality of limited 3-4 hr cell time, or get a palm tx which is exactly why I got the ppc (so as to limit all the equipment being lugged around...there are others but these are the tops.

I've looked at macmall and the mac store (under refurbished) and see the 13 in at a good price. I like the black color, and would like that one.

I want to know first is there a cheaper way to enable compatibility with ppc's aside from getting software with limitations or another mac.

If not, then is there a significant difference btw superdrive 6x and normal. I have superdrive w/o dl. It takes time to burn dvd's but I'm not bothered, and most times I just rent and return. It was a hassle finding a burn program as well. (I don't support piracy).

If there is no signifcant difference that is noticable to an avg joe user, then I'll probably get the 13 in (though I love the 15 in size and the 13 i saw on a train ride earlier it's tiny, I'm 6'8" my hands fit nicely on the 15". However with the cost i'll just go for the smaller this time.

Is there anything I'll need to get i.e. parallels or boot camp plus windows to use everything nicely, if I get a refurbished intel mac.

Lastly, if I do get a refurbished intel mac, approximately how much would whoever answers sell a roughly 1.5 year old macbook 15 in used, but no crashes or malfunctions or drops in the time, just wear on the cover keys and screen?

Lastly if I sell my present machine, is it difficult to transfer the info on this one to a new intel one?

i hope my questions get answered. This is really a hassle with compatibility, alas issues of consumerism vs profit from the seller.

Thank you for reading,



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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    PPC = PowerPC

    PPC = Pocket PC

    Your Mac is an iBook, (if I'm not mistaken) and has a PPC chip. Your PDA is a Pocket PC.
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    leonardleonard Posts: 528member
    Originally Posted by Galley View Post

    PPC = Power PC

    PPC = Pocket PC

    Yeah, it took a few reads of his post for me to figure that out.

    Originally Posted by Galley View Post

    Your Mac is an iBook, (if I'm not mistaken) and has a PPC chip. Your PDA is a Pocket PC.

    Yes, I've made the same assumption. He's talking about an iBook with a PowerPC G4 and not a MacBook. All MacBooks have Intel chips.

    His solution seems simple to me, either by a PDA that is compatible with the Mac or buy an Intel Mac.
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