iChat ... Jabber? AOL?

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Another thought regarding iChat woes. Can someone tell me what Jabber is and how to use it? Would that make a difference if we're having trouble with AOL?



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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    Jabber is an XMPP based chat protocol, open source. In order to use it you need to connect via someone running a Jabber server. Since it is open source, anyone can run a Jabber server as long as you want to install it and have a domain name / stable IP address to use. Then that is the place your chat rooms will live.

    Because you can host your own server it can make chat much more private as your logs are not kept by a third party. All good stuff but you have to pay the price of you or someone you know learning how to set up and maintain a jabber server.
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