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I have re-formatted my hard drive and just installed os x. I want to put os 9 back on, but I am unsure what should I install first os 9 or os x. How do i get them on the same partition like it was when I bought my ibook.

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    Install OS 9 first. Set it up the way you want it, disable any extensions you don't need, then install OS X, just don't choose the "erase and install" option. That should do it.
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    even with OSX already installed... you can starup using the OS 9 CD and install OS 9 on the machine without affecting OSX.

    Then next time you start up Classic in OSX, it will ask to intall a few components it needs.

    No problem., I've done this myself, but have since deleted 9 again... have been OSX only for several months now.
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    More of a Genius Bar type question...

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