Adium: %_iTunes probs

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I switched my status to iTunes and none of my buddies could see what I was listening to. So I put myself on my own buddy list to see what my buddies were seing and with Adium i could see what I was listening to. However, with AIM 6.0 (on my microsoft) I couldn't see anything. Is there a way to change this so my friends can see what I'm listening to, without having to me to switch to my Away Status?

Thanks in advance.


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    Your friends will need an AIM client that interprets available statuses, not just away statuses. If you add yourself to your buddy list in Adium while your available status is set, you will see the status update accordingly (you can also verify this by opening up iChat under a different screen name and adding your other self to your list).
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