Black mac book pro in the near future

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Do you guys think there will be a black mac book pro in the future. I was considering getting the black mac book, but now i'm even considering possibly getting the 17 inch macbook pro, but the color means a lot to me, and i'd probably just get the macbook in black if there isn't a black mac book pro out by the time i'm ready to buy. I'm buying around august. Just before school starts.


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    wircwirc Posts: 302member
    Not ever will there be a BlackBook Pro. Apple tries to keep the visual styles of the notebooks separate, with metals reserved for computers that are meant for higher-end customers. Besides, the feel of the aluminum is so much better. And it radiates heat better.
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    i find the grey so ugly though, in my opinion they should make color mbp's, they could still use black aluminum.
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    Spray your MBP with bedliner material. It will be black and never scratch.
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