Adding memory to Macbook

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Hi folks - we have two white Macbooks with a woefully pitiful 512K ram. We're considering upgrading it (hubby is an IT guy, but a WINDOWS IT guy). What do you think about doing it ourselves with memory purchased elsewhere? Is it difficult to do? Is there a reason that the Apple store charges $180.00 to do it?



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    I'm hoping the $180 includes actual RAM as well as the installation fee. To install MacBook RAM you need to remove the battery, then remove 3 screws. Once you remove these three screws, pull out the 'L' shaped metal bar and the RAM slots will be revealed. Each RAM slot has a lever that unseats the existing RAM chip. Pull the lever, remove existing RAM chip, then slide the new RAM chip into the slot.

    Supposedly, it's that easy. I haven't done it myself yet, but I've seen photo instructions on the 'net. Here's a link to Apple instructions on how to replace RAM.
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