should i buy a macpro?

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this is my first post on the boards.

I use a G4 iBook, and have done for over 2 years. I use this as well as an intel PC tower. But i want to replace my PC with a MacPro.

I keep reading rumours of an 8-core macpro, and wondering should i wait?

the spec i am currently looking at is 2xdual 2.66, 2GB of RAM, 2 x 500GB HD

I am an audio engineer and will be running pro-tools, cubase and logic pro more than any other software. But from time to time i still want to run things like photoshop and Final Cut.

I could do with this macpro today really, but am paranoid that a new model will then be announced in march, thus driving down the price of the one i would buy. Or the 8-core being the price of the one i buy.

Any advice?


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    I'm also waiting for new Mac Pro models.

    I'd say wait another 3-4 weeks. I'm hoping there will be something the end of February, but I've seen no rumors other than there may be an Apple event on Feb. 20.
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    If you can afford to wait, wait for another rev since the current one has been out a little bit and there have been changes to Intel's lineup.

    Just do so with the understanding that Apple might wait until WWDC in the worst case. Not very likely they'll wait till June but you never know. They might just as a speed bumb before June and do rev for WWDC too.

    But time is money. That's up to 4 months running slower for work.

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    im sure this isnt new news.

    we WONT be getting leopard till march at the absolute earliest though! and i would assume leopard will arrive with new hardware... likely mac pros.

    make of that what you will.

    need i repeat, if you need it now ....get it now
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    thanks for your advice guys. I am still wrestling with a decision. lol. do i buy? do i wait? aaarrghh.

    only thing i know is if i wait.. it won't be updated till june, and if i buy the new one will be out next
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    Originally Posted by welsh_richbsc View Post

    thanks for your advice guys. I am still wrestling with a decision. lol. do i buy? do i wait? aaarrghh.

    only thing i know is if i wait.. it won't be updated till june, and if i buy the new one will be out next

    I currently own a 2.66 MacPro and absolutely love it. I have to say that it took me a while to warm up to it despite the awesome speed. This was partly due to the bugs and 3rd party apps which I mention below and partly because of my longtime bias towards intel. (The Core 2 is a very nice chip though so I am changing for now )

    I use all of the programs that you mentioned as well as quite a few other professional apps and I have had no significant problems so far. In fact, the increased efficiency and downright enjoyment far outweigh the issues I have had. Still, a few things to consider though:

    1) There are still a few bugs with this computer when using advanced apps or certain peripherals because the intel OSX isn't fully vetted out yet. For instance, using bluetooth peripherals such as mouse and keyboard to wake my computer will cause my screen to go screwy. Also when using the save dialogue box, I often get crashes unless I allow whatever I am saving to be saved in the default location and then move it to where I want later.

    2) The professional apps you need to use may or may not be universal yet and even if they are they may not be optimized enough for everyday use.

    3) The quad core intel chip is compatible with the sockets in the current MacPros so you can upgrade. (Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe I read it way back when I bought this machine the day it came out)

    4) Buying it now in the winter will help heat your room(s)!

    5) It is damn quiet! (If you upgrade to the x1800 or whatever is out in the future then I recommend a liquid cooling system for it so you can enjoy the silence)

    Whatver you decide, I think you will be happy. Your computer can hold out for a few months I bet so you can wait and buy a killer new machine or get the current machine which will be cheaper. Alternatively you can buy one now and I am completely sure that you will enjoy the power of it as much as I do.

    Have fun!
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